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Custom Pet Portrait Process

Well well well! Its been a while since I've posted but I need to start sharing more of the products we are offering this holiday season! First up is the ever so popular pet portraits. Here is a little video of our process! Many people don't realize that your pet is drawn to your photo by hand digitally! Check it out here. As always our custom pets are $125 per illustartion which come with and 8" x 10" print and a digital file of your pet. 


New at Two Brunettes: Benjamin Row

We have not posted in quiet some time, and that is because we are so busy, that this blog has gotten totally neglected. Good problems, but bad. Two Brunettes has some major annoucments coming up, I can't even stand it any longer. We are growing and just super excited to share the new changes coming up! Here is one new blog launch from today! Benjamin Row. It is a sweet blog that is going to be about Momma, Baby and Beyond. Rosie, editor of BR, was so sweet and amazing to work with. As most of you know Two Bru adores all things kid related, so this was especially fun for us to take on! Go check it out.


Happy Halloween

We hope everyone has a safe & happy Halloween! 



Two Brunettes Etsy Shop Reopen!

As much as I hate to admit, it is that time of year again. Get your orders in before December 1st! 

Learn more details over at our Etsy shop or email directly.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Lemon & Lavender Website

When Ashley of Lemon and Lavender emailed me about creating a pattern for her website and print materials I was all over it. I love her adorable style, and beautiful work, did I mention the girl is living in AFRICA! She is a very talented designer herself, so I knew I had to get it just right to make her happy!


 I created three different patterns and with some tough decision making she settled on number three. This also happened to be my favorite. A couple weekes later Ashley emailed me again to design a website for her. I was extrmely eager to take my pattern and bring it to life on her site to showcase off her amazing stationery creations. I loved being able to help Lemon and Lavender build a brand that could grow with not only her line but her as well! 

 I drew so much inspiration from Ashleys Instagram and her style in general, that this one of most fun projects I have worked on. Thank you Ashley, you are going to do great things! 


A Birthday!

I have not posted in literally FOREVER! Between work, and Clara, life is so hectic. Im trying to make a come back, and what a better way then with my first baby Maromi "Ro" -- Can't believe she is 4. 


Vintage Leaves at Bella Figura

This week we are featured on the Bella Figura website showcasing our "vintage leaves" invitation suite. They are pictured here with emerald green metallic ink which is stunning for a late summer or fall wedding, and can be customized any way you want for your wedding day. 


National Adopt a Pet Discount

Coming up in the Month of June is National Pet adoption Month! 

We are now booking 10% off all pet portraits for the month of May for all those adopted pets out there! Spread the love adopt a pet ♥


Charm Them!

I was sent a sweet little package from Charm Bracelets by Cutey in the UK. These are a prefectly sweet gift for any tween! Fun vinbrant colors, and cute little charms. Wear a couple at a time or pair them with some other fun bracelets you already own.


Valentine's Party and Free Printables!

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! My dear friends Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion and Alice G. Patterson created this little Valentine's wonderland, which featured my little girl and some free printables I created for the kiddies at the party, and now to share with all of you. Head on over to The Sweetest Occasion to see the non glowing mother post, where I just don't feature my daughter. Ha! All the kids were adorable!