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miss capricho

Miss Capricho which is not this artists name but the name of her studio; and a new to me artist, has the most stunning little illustrations. My jaw literally dropped when I saw these. I never noticed the designer behind the daily candy art, but I am so glad I found her. I'm loving the trendy dressed girls, with cute hair styles and the amazing colors! Makes me want to break out my paints. She has the cutest story with how she came up with her studio name and her portfolio is filled to the brim with beauty.  She has built such a success on her work through package design, textile work and editorial illustrations. My new idol! 

Reader Comments (3)

I adore the look of watercolors, and these are particularly vibrant and wonderful. Water colors are my favorite form of artistry on paper.

November 8, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterCharissa

AMAZING illustrations! Such a good find!

Vibrant, elegant and so fun.

November 11, 2009 | Unregistered Commentersilvana

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