Carolynn Giordano Lemke - Owner of Two Brunettes



Two Brunettes at Bella Figura


I'm a little late to the game on announcing this but I'm a new designer for the 2012 collection at Bella Figura! I am so honored to be among one more the most amazing letterpress companies in the world, not to mention the talent that my designs are showcased next to! Wow. Bella Figura is also based out of my the town I am from, So I feel extra proud! If you are planning a wedding this year be sure to check out my designs there, you can even be custom drawn by me for your invites! 


Clara Turns 1!

It happened, well its actually happening Wednesday, but my little peanuts first birthday party was over the weekend. So much prep going into a little ones first birthday! I felt like it was a wedding. Okay not quiet, but a first birthday is a big deal. I finally gave up on a theme, and just went for a ton of color, balloons, streamers, and some Mickey Mouse (clara is head over heels in love with Mickey). The decor, the food, all of the love from family and friends, it actually turned out so much better then I was even envisioning! Don't ya love when that happens? Overall a magical day, for everyone we shared it with, I have one lucky little girl! 

A special thanks to the amazing Alice G Patterson who beautifully captured the day with her amazing photos!


Freebies in Action

I was so pumped to see some of my free printables available on Ruffled used in a real wedding setting! I love the details of this wedding. Everything is just over the top cute. 

Photos were taken by the very talented Rebecca Hansen.



10 months old! 

my baby girl was 10 months old last week! She is getting so big, I can't believe all the things she can do. It is such a crazy feeling the changes that happen daily with the little ones. I'm already planning her 1st birthday, I can't believe how fast this year is flying by. 


Jewel Cardinal

Loving these fashion sketches I recently came across from Jewel Cardinal, so inspiring! 


It's That Time of Year Again: New Custom Holiday Cards

It is that time! Time to start thinking about how you are  going to wow your family and friends with your impressive family holiday cards! Believe me, I feel like it is kind of a contest these days as to who can have the cutest and most creative holiday cards. What a fun way to show off your little family then with custom holiday greeting cards! Remember last year?? This year you can still ordering you whole family, but I am also featuring the star of everyones family, pets! I am currently taking orders until December 1st! 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Whichgoose Website

A website, branding package, and big cartel shop created for the amazingly talented Emily of Whichgoose.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: A First Anniversary Soiree


Carolyn of A Beautiful Ripple Effect is celebrating her one year anniversary with her husband in October at her home in Florida. I have worked with Carolyn in the past, so I know her taste and style, she wanted something created, with lots of soft colors, patterns, liners, the works. Her party theme is also equally as AWESOME, an evening of champagne and burgers! I kept picturing a beautiful florida sunset as the backdrop to this party, so I wanted Carolyn's guests to feel that when they opened their invitations.


Later Gator

Jordan of Oh Happy Day kills me with her talents. This may be the most amazing DIY ever. Filing this away for a kid party someday! 

Photos from Oh Happy Day


Customized Halloween Invites


Time for candy and costumes order your customized Halloween invites! For adults, kids, and adult kids these are perfect for your Halloween parties! Just simply email with in for pricing, and Two Brunettes will create you in your halloween costume, for a one of kind party invite.

PS. we are having a front yard Halloween Party at our house and Clara is Princess Leia for her first Halloween, and our dog is an ewok!