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The Proper Way to Flower Dance

I've always wanted to know how to dress if I were to dance in a field of flowers, haven't you? 

1. Dress Anthropologie 2. Scarf Mod Cloth 3. Bracelet Urban Outfitters. 4. Fitted Plaid Top Madewell 

Image via Black Eiffel via Rag Pony

Photo by Viviane Sassen Styling by Katie Shillingford from Dazed and Confused July 2011


Inspired by: Lotta Nieminen

Words can not express the love my eyes have for Lotta Nieminen's illustration work. 


Our Little Home: Roses in Bloom

It's that time of year! Our house is filled with red roses from our budding rose bush, and I love it.

I think I turned everything I owned this morning into a vase, including my trusty duck creamer. Mini vase! Happy Summer. 


Turquoise Heaven

I am not a jewelry person but I would wear this gorgeous necklace from ayofemi in a second. Love how summery it feels. 


I heart Letterpress

There is an awesome new photoshop Tutorial over on Pugly Pixel on how to create a letterpress effect in photoshop!

Its not just about using the inner shadow, it is much more, loving this and will be using this technique soon! 


All art work from Pugly Pixel


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Almalu's Place!

Almalu's Place has to be hands down one of my most fun blogs yet. Alessandra and event designer and blogger let me go crazy with my little illustrations! I feel like this is the best representation my design style, and it was amazing to work with her to come up with this look.  


1 and a 1/2 birthdays!

It's my birthday today!! Im 28 and Clara is 24 weeks! I seriously can't believe how these past few months have flown by, and I can't believe how old we both are, more so Clara because I still feel 18, haha.  Clara has grown so much in the past months. I feel like I have literally blinked and she is 6 months. 

I am completely in love with this age. Clara is doing so much fun stuff. She can't sit up on her own yet, but she is rolling, a  mastered the scooting crawl, she is all over the place, and she is in love with the pool! ! She is also starting to eat real food. Some how she hates apples? 

So today, I will not be taking off for my birthday because I am traveling this week, so I need to keep working, however I will be be taking another long weekend for a wedding I am in down in Raleigh, NC!  Where I am hopefully meeting up with a very good online friend, Ellie from Mint, yay! 


Jen Hsieh

Loving this work by Canadian based illustrator and pattern designer Jen Hsieh.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Branco Prata

Well these two need no introduction, I think Branco Prata has made quiet the impact over the web in the last year or so. A HUGE congratulations to Sofia and André of Branco Prata for their launch of the new website and blog. This was truly a labor of love, since the process started some time ago! I think everything that could of happened to us did, but with that a beautiful launch in the end! 

Really, how lucky am I to get to create something for such a talented duo? Branco Prata's logo was inspired by their beautiful events that just seem to effortlessly float into the air. No really, I can not comprehend how they create all that they do! I know for one Sofia for sure does not sleep! 

Can you believe this amazing spread they put together inspired by all of the new elements I created. I can't believe how genius this cake is! Sofia and André I will miss working with you, two of the most incredible people to work with in the world. Thank your for a wonderful experience, you're an inspiration! Now go check out the new site!

Images by Brancoprata


Baby Mama: A Colorful Mothers Day at the Lake

I don't know about you but Im super excited for Mother's Day this year being it is my first offical! It is a totally deserved day for those hard working Mommies around. My husband said we can do anything I want this weekend, how lucky! The weather here is not so great so this is my dream day, it is more like mid June time for us to be spending the day at a little beach, but I still can't wait! Happy Mother's Day to all those amazing Moms, Mommies-to-be, and doggie Mommies out there!  

1. Old Navy Glitter Flip Flops 2. Mod Cloth Hat 3. Calypso Dress 4. Anthropologie Glasses 5. Baby Gap Sunsuit 6. Pretty Things Head Dress 7. Gymboree Flamingo Sunglasses 8. Wee Squeak Gladiator Sandals 9. Melissa & Dog Cupcake Sand Toys