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Free Mothers Day Download


I couldn't make a new card for this year for mothers day because I am too in love with last years download still! I am not ashamed for this to make the rounds again! So download it here.

Photo by Hanna of Honey & Jam


Art in Numbers

Loving this super cool series of numbers of the Upper Westside. These are gorgeous.

{Tweeted by my friend Jessica all photos from David T. Cole of}


The Minis: Cutesy Baby Booties

New column I'm calling the Mini's! It is where I will post all things baby and kid. I love these shoes by Cazhoffy! I want these boots for Clara so bad it hurts, but with it getting warmer out, there is really no point, right?! Or should I just do it. 


You in a Cupcake

I adore The Small Objects Shop and these new cupcake toppers just melt my heart to pieces. I am obviously obsessed with the mini me wooden cake doll cake topper craze, see here and here. Cutting a whole in the head and sticking a candle in them is genius! I would love to have one of these for Little Claras birthday cakes for years to come. Too cute for words. 

All photos from The Small Objects Shop


Happy Easter! 


"And when she one day turns on me and calls me a Bitch in front of Hollister, Give me the strength, Lord, to yank her directly into a cab in front of her friends, For I will not have that Shit. I will not have it."

A Mother's Prayer for Its Child  - Tina Fey

Haha! Everyone have a great Easter! 

Photo by Alice Patterson


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Lavender & Twine Blog Design

New from the Two Brunettes Studio is the Lavender and Twine blog! 

Daniele and Whitney were such a blast to work with! Basically they gave me their vision, their color palette and let me go crazy with creative freedom! With adding whimsey upon whimsey this project was totally up my alley. Lavender & Twine are very talented creative duo with the proof is in their beautiful photography. I was so inspired by their work and it was such a joy to create.  PS: I animated that BEE! 


I really need to take a step back for a moment and be cheesy and a little over the top. I just feel like I need to put this out to the universe. I am immensely blessed to be able to work for myself and take care of my new little girl. Not only that, but I work with some of the most talented people around, who trust me enough to create identities for their business, with tons of creative freedom. Thank you to all my clients who keep Two Brunettes going and keep me so inspired day after day! 


Organized by Color

I have been major into spring cleaning, organizing my home and rearraging furniture just so for the past couple weeks. Call it spring cleaning, call it left over nesting, call it driving my husband crazy, whatever, I am very into organization these days. Even if you don't know how to organize yourself it always feels great.   

With that said, I also love a good organized website! Anthropologie has new cute little illustrations organizing their home section by pigment! Many sites organize by color which is so helpful, and the illustrations just top it off. Cuteness and organization, match made if you ask me! 


Free Download: Oversized Easter Basket Tags

It is almost Easter! I created an oversized Easter Basket tags to download. Find them here under Easter 2011!


The Place You'll Go: Ladurée in Paris

I have been to Paris before when I was in high school, and I am dying to go back to Europe soon, within the next 10 years at least! Ladurée is always floating around the net with their gorgeous branding and impeicble pasties. I love the adorable illustrations on their intro page form the website! 

And their logo on their all their packaging kills me, so darn pretty! 


Clara's Baptism on The Sweetest Occasion

We baptised Clara this past weekend! Head on over to The Sweetest Occasion to check out details from the party! Thanks for having us Cyd! 

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