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i need a new notebook

NOT really! I have notebook problem but these are so cute. 


crushing on

I have a new section! There are so many bloggers out there that share the new finds and I looovve it, because then I find new blogs. I just want to spread the love.  So I'm sure I will be updating more frequently since Im a bit of a new blogger and everything is new to me. 


meghan burch

 I'm obsessed with screen printed items right now. I've been doing lots of playing around with the Yudu . All of these cute things are hand-screenprinted, head over to Meghans Burch's shop to see how many different ways to use that sweet fruit bowl.  



Modish  is a bizzzness tip blog and it certainly is amazing. Design Lovely recommended to it me the other day and now its featured on mint as one of her new finds.  It really is wonderful and I recommend it to all! Its going to be so helpful to us along the way. I just sat down and read a couple posts and I'm in love.  

On a separate note I'm thinkin I NEED a way to post my new favorites I'm finding. My bookmark page for blogs is going to explode I have so many new finds its endless! 


saturday night purchase!

What am I doing at 9pm on a Saturday night, shopping of course! I've been thinking about this dress from Anthropologie day after day.  I have my bridal shower coming up so I DO need a dress and I just completely talked myself into it.  Its on its way and will be at my door in 5-7 days! Why do we have an Anthro here, I'm sure its a good thing for my wallet but I really love to go and try on things like this.  Its coming though, yay! 



She needs no introduction every knows the very talented woman behind the lens of Blissful Images, but I have to say I have a huge crush on Mrs. Traci French right now. Not only are her photos amazing but she is very funny in all her witty little blog posts. Her photos are so vibrant and calming at the same time I'm dying to just fill my entire house with her work.  Between her beautiful work and her wonderful blog I feel like I know all about her.  


Starting it up tips!

The shop is coming! It's all set up and waiting for me to load our product.  Hopefully the first week in April we will be up and running ! I guess ya never know but thats the date im giving us! 

Steps we took to get here:

1. the want- Nell and I have always talked about opening a greeting card shop
2. doing it! Finally when I lost my job I said thats it we ARE doing it
3. getting loads of advice from some of the amazing women on the web. To name a few Design*Sponge, Avie Designs, Etsy emails, The Sweetest Occasion, mint,  beautiful paper, All of the women who I have talked to about anything blogging, business etc have been so wonderful thank you!
4.  Getting your name out there! Kinda the same as #3 Talk to people and never stop talking to people. This is actually my favorite part there are so many people out there who want to do nothing but help you, give advice and spread the word for you too! Its amazing what nice people are out there and who you have a lot in common with. 
5. The hard part- creating organizing and pricing your product. Yikes. We are going to have a little twist on our store, everything is going to be completely customize to what the customer wants. So if you like our cards and want to buy them you basically get to pick out everything about it! You'll see! :o) 
6. Making the product! (in the process) but figuring out not only what your product is but also how to show your product! I'm going to post different backgrounds I've shot our work on and hopefully I can get some feed back on the direction we should go in. 
7. Wholesale. I'm told this is the way to go and I'm trying to get there this is hard and still need to wrap my brain around the whole thing! 

 This is where we are at now, These steps are mostly obvious but it can be overwhelming. We just thought we would  share what we have learned along the way so far. I would love to share any advice I can with anyone and vice-versa

PS. This is great.




oh                           my                        god.     


jaclyn mednicov

I love these new paintings featured on 20x200 from artist Jaclyn Mednicov I think her work is so perfect I want it all. 



These rings are killin me! Gorgeous. 

{photos & shop} onestonenewyork