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Free Download: Your Oscar Party Goodies!

Happy 2011 Oscar Weekend! Download free goodies for your party here! Use the fun little flags to mark your dishes or wrap around pencils to fill out ballots! Everyone have a great weekend.

1. Angelina inspired emerald earrings 2. Oscar   3. Viven Leigh Sketch


The Oscars

We all know what a huge movie buff my husband is, we literally own thousands of dvds and tons of movie paraphernalia. Every year, if you didn't know, the Oscars are a major event in our house. Remember last years? Whether it just ends up being a couple people or several we always have a blast! This year I haven't been able to put the love into the planning due to new baby and work but I am super competitive when it comes to my ballot! Last year I was beat by our friends mother, but this year I plan to take the title back. We always have people bring a dish the represents a best picture nominee, which is always entertaining to see what people come up with. This year I am EXTREMELY excited because of the amazing hosts, they are my current #1 crushes in Hollywood right now, I can't wait. 

Photos from IMDB.


Baby Mamma: A Walk in the Park


A new little feature called Baby Mamma is where I will be trying to collect all my overwhelming baby posts! This is where I will be posting little items and outfits for little ones and their stylish Mommies! Enjoy.

Baby::: 1. Stroller Toy  2. Calico Leggings 3. Stroller 4. Denim Romper 5. Muslin Swaddle Blanket 6. Ice Cream Cone Necklace 7. Silver Metallic Boat Shoes Momma::: 8. Romper 9. Glass Water Bottle 10. Diaper Bag 11. Shoes 12. hat


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Effortless Style Blog

A interior design blog I custom designed for Camila of Effortless-Style. Camila knew what she wanted when it came to all the bells and whistles! Blog directory, several pages with DIY projects, Classified section, a page to showcase her unique column called "In her Shoes" it was quiet a large project. I really enjoyed designing the header and using signature colors and style as over all inspiration for this look. If you don't know Camila I promise you the DIYer will die over her amazing projects and unique sense of style.


Pretty Baby: Week 8 with our Daughter

I can NOT believe it has been 8 weeks with Clara already. Time is flown by so incredibly fast it makes me a little sad knowing that these years will just flash before us. At 8 weeks our little life is so different in every way. Currently our favorite outtings are to the grocery store once a week as a family, ha, Clara naps in her carseat around the store and we adventure with coupons (our new obsessin)! I can not wait for this weather to break and I can start taking Clara out more for walks, and new places for her to see. She is really becoming such a little person already, I can see her personality shinning through and she is amazing, what a talker! Yes, it is hard, and different especially with running your own business, but I wouldn't change a single thing about what I've learned in time management, patience, and love. Each day is something new!



The Makers

adoring this new photo project by Jennifer Causey which includes amazing artists from all different industries such as Saipua, Robicelli, Morris Kitchen, and Lena Corwin! There is great photo stories and really fun little interviews. 

All photos by Jennifer Causey


Happy Friday with Photos from Alice Patterson

Happy Friday! I have pretty much felt like it has been friday all week. We are off to New Jersey this weekend to visit some great friends, and I can't wait to get away for a few days. We are bringing Clara on her first over 2 hour road trip so fingers crossed it goes smoothly! These are some photos we had done when Clara was 2 weeks old by the ever so talented Alice Patterson.

Some things I am loving this week :: 

Ellie of Hello Tenfold story book save the dates

These freakin adorable ground hog cupcakes toppers, yes freakin! 

This really fun portugese retro shoot! Gorgeous.

and this T

Happy weekend. 

[Photos by Alice Patterson]


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: My Baby Shower Invites!

Here are my baby shower invites! I wanted something that told a little story about our little life. They will be sold in the shop next week, along with a couple other new items. 


Mini Valentine's from Alice Patterson

I adore Alice Patterson's work! She is beyond talented, and she just took a bunch of photos of our little Clara! This Valentine's Day she is offering mini cards of your little ones! 

PS. Clara is top left! 


Two Brunettes in Creative Calendar Collection

So excited to be part of this great book among some amazing fellow artists and designers who I admire. A big thank you to Basheer Graphic Books for asking my 2009 calendar to be a part of their new book, can't wait to see it!