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Designer Love: Akira Isogawa 2008

I am in love with Akira Isogawa. This collection is from 2008 and so adorable, but you can check out the more recent collections here. The rugs are also way too beautiful .


Designer Love: Celeste Prevost

I really love the combination of the simple design, bold elements, and bright colors, it is so effective. Celeste Prevost does a great job combining smart design, navigational icons, and great patterns in all of their work.


Inspired by: Fine Little Day

Who isn't inspired by everything posted over on Fine Little Day, but this particular house tour of Lisa Gerinder really is just so beautiful. 


Designer Love: Hoko Studio

Hoko Studio currently based in Singapore is a collaboration of design and styling instillations between two artists Alivin Ho and Clara Koh.

 Hoko composes instillations done with common objects and how they relate to each other and to humans. Currently they just have completed a project called Stationery-Ware relating humans to stationery and tableware (does that not sound up my alley). I will tell you how this all relates to me and that is genius!  


Designer Love: Small Stakes

Over the weekend my husband got the new Joanna Newsom cd, naturally I love her look so I wanted to check out the new album cover. I came across one of her gorgeous posters, and was curious who designed it. Well, who designs all of the amazing band posters these days? Small Stakes, and boy do I love the man behind it all Jason Munn. So talented. I would plaster these all over my home. 


Designer Love: Library

Introducing another new post Designer Love! 

Stitch Design Co. is one of my new favorite design firms! I especially love a recent project they just created Library . The mix of vintage, and clean bright modern elements create a beautiful mix. The overall girlie feeling compliments the amazing collection of clothing. Its a great collaboration of smart design and beautiful photography, I'm in love! 

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