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I don't remember how I discovered Bagonia on etsy but I know I LOVE these bags. The scalloped edges the vintage inspired style, these have made it to my wish list this year! 


we all heart anthro

I know, I know, we all love anthropologie, and I'm sure everyone is so sick of another post on how pretty everything is there.

BUT COME ON! This stuff is gorgeous! I can't get over the look of it all. It's like they reached into ETSY and pulled out all the pretty.  The details are overwhelming and every single item is making my heart flutter. It's so not healthy.


opening ceremony

 Opening Ceremony is one of those shops where I look and don't touch. I think their website is adorable, it draws me in every time. 

These pieces are really really making me wish I had a bunch of money to throw around. I would buy that coat in a second, ugh and these dresses, its a small form of torcher, really!  



Anja Jane

Okay so these patterns are getting me LIKE so excited. The gorgeous work from print designer Anja Jane had me day dreaming of just sitting in her studio rolling around is all these textiles. 

Doesn't it look like a place you just want to live? 

A little bit of whimsy, beautiful bright colors, fantastic and smart design... I don't know how one person has so much beauty in them to share! Not to mention she's adorable! 


film friday--loving audrey 

I love french films, I will watch anything and everything from France and chances are I fall in love with it. Miss Audrey Tautou was part of the reason I first fell in love with french cinema. Can anyone be more adorable then her? Honestly, anyone with the name Audrey must get instant cute genes. I can't wait to see her in Coco Before Chanel


film Friday is here to stay! I figure since we are big movie buffs in this family I should share some of the movies that I think are great! So every Friday I will mention something that I've seen or can't wait to see! 


new at bambako

We all know how I feel about Bambako! I wear my "a long walk" headband ALL the time. Love the new fall additions to the shop. Abigail never fails to deliver! Each new piece is always jaw dropping. I must own "boy is mine" and not just for the name.


i fell in love

 How gorgeous is this Etsy Shop -- Magnolija Dress? The soft colors, the charming details, the whimsical feel, I want it all.


miss clara bow

Feeling inspired from this doll from the 1920's silent film era, Clara Bow. How adorable is she?

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silk loveliness 

I picked up this little number in a shop in Toronto called Aritzia. They have an incredible look book and a fun blog too! 


how to festival

So we are off to the Toronto International Film Festival for a long weekend! As I was packing I realized how important the items are that I bring! Its quiet the stylish event between the red carpets and seeing all the fashion through out streets of Toronto! So with that said you want to look cute but be comfy and practical for your day. These are some of the items that should be present with you at this film festival! 

Must have items:

tee, sweater, (layers are key) jeans, days of the week necklace (so cute and so handy you get a little loopy with all the films), watch,(timing is everything with all the movies) sneaker flats, jacket , ( with hood incase of rain, umbrellas are a pain) scarf, notebook,(need to write down addresses of great places to eat and shop to squeeze in between films) snacks,(its hard to find healthy food alternatives to snack on in the theatre and time to grab a bite) camera, (so many celebrities and amazing photo opportunities) glasses, change purse,(for all your loons!) energy drinks, bag.

So if you are ever going to TIFF you will be prepared :o). Everyone enjoy their weekends I will be back on Monday!