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Designer Love: AIGA Austin Film Poster Award

The South by South West film festival presents an award every year to the designer behind these amazing posters, and I do believe this is the only festival who presents an award for Excellence in Poster designer, Yay South by South West! I adore this poster designed by Martim Vian & Zeke Hawkins which won the speical jury award. 

These were just some of my own personal favorites that were at the festival. You can see all the posters on the SXSW flickr page here

Designers: Jonathan Sandridge / Rolando G. Murillo / no name / Petra Epperlein


Oscar Party Recap

Oh the Oscars, boy do we love dress gawking, ballot filling, and meal planning once a year for our Annual Oscar Party. Usually it just ends up being my husband and I, but this year we actually got to plan a party! As I said earlier, Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion came over last weekend to help me craft up cute little goodie bags, and items for the party.

The theme of our party was a film noir inspired old hollywood vibe, decorated with yellows, golds, creams and browns. We created little bags for popcorn, and snacks to go with several best picture nominees. Note the American Airlines  "air plane snacks" for Up in the Air! 

Each attendee to our party brought a dish inspired by each film. We had so much food it was unbelievable. At the end of the night the ballot winner took home a pot of money and the official winner plaque, very serious. I did not defend my title this year, but I will prevail next, watch out. 



Logorama is short film and an Oscar nominee. I know all of you especially the designers will get a huge kick out of this. How did they get the rights to use all of these? I can't find the whole short but here is a clip, and it will give you an idea of what its like.  It's really amazingly clever! 



I hope you are all are enjoying your holiday and had a wonderful Christmas. My husband and I took the day off together yesterday and went to see Nine! I loved the music , the amazing sets, the costumes , the gorgeous women, the colors, and of course Daniel Day-Lewis

all photos from IMDB

Listen to my favorite song from the Nine.


Bright Star: Jane Campion

Yes, my husband has turned me into a film geek, I know directors, producers, cinematographers and I'm proud of it! When we were at the Toronto Film fest the one movie I was dying to see was Bright Star by the amazing director Jane Campion, who is most well know for her film The Piano. Sadly the tickets were sold out. My favorite movies to watch are period films, I basically will watch anything with petticoats and romantic desperate love stories, and when Jane Campion is the director you know you are in for a real treat. During the making of Bright Star, Jane started a production scrap book where each of the crew members created a little journal UM! Amazing! There was also an on going project of a Love Letter contest which I wish I knew about! I highly recommend researching about this, and thanks to seeing a post on Bird & Banner, I have come to find this huge treasure! 

Isn't Jane gorgeous, I can't wait to see Bright Star


wes anderson + animation = omg


Wes Anderson who Im sure you all know, is coming out with a feature length animated film based off the short story Fantastic Mr. Fox.  With a mix of stop motion animation, the greatest cast, an undoubtedly amazing soundtrack combined with extremely witty Anderson-like humor this will be nothing short!  

I think these posters are perfect.


miss clara bow

Feeling inspired from this doll from the 1920's silent film era, Clara Bow. How adorable is she?

photos 1/2/3/4/5/6/7


the festival

Can I just say I so love Toronto. The city, the people, the art. Its an amazing place to spend a couple days and I would move there in a second if I was just starting out. I was a little disappointed with the films we saw this year but that is only part of the experience. I got to see some amazing people, visit some awesome shops (thanks to Jane) and just over all being in Toronto is the best. 

PS. GEORGE CLOONEY  and Diablo Cody can it get any better then that?!?!!


Tiff. 09

A little something you might know about me. My now husband turned me into a little film buff some years ago when we first started dating. I always had a love for film but the knowledge I have gained in the last several years in unbelievable. I never really think about it until I realize that I know many abstract film makers, and don't even blink when I watch films from all over the world from any year about anything! Its kinda great :o).  Sometimes I don't appreciate how much art and culture I get through film. Tiff. not Tagged Image File Format, but Toronto International Film Festival has become a tradition for my husband, his Mom and I to attend for years. It IS an expensive trip but the most wonderful experience. Toronto is an AMMAZING city I want to live there and I couldn't see this festival anywhere but there. I feel transformed into another world seeing film after film. One year we saw about 30 films in a week! The best part is seeing the stars of each film right after for a Q&A. Sometimes you see very well known actors like Nicole Kidman and Chloe Sevigny. There is something to be said at seeing someone in a film and then getting to see them in person right after!!  My favorite so far was seeing the writer of Juno, Diablo Cody. I was a big fan of her book Candy Girl and this year she will be there again with her new film Jennifer's Body.  I'm gitty!! 

Last year we missed the festival because we bought a house, so for this year Im extra antsy to go! I keep day dreaming about being there, and I also start anticipating the design of this years fest! I can't wait to see what they have come up with this year!