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Black Forest Cherry Cake!

Isn't this cake gorgeous? 

Every time I try to buy cherries I just can't believe how expensive they are. I think I might have to cave though after seeing this! 

{photos and post by What Katie Ate}


cake pops

Genius! Don't these cake pops from Bakeralla all look amazing? I want to try them. I'm sure mine won't come out as gorgeous but I can try.


new at two brunettes: recipe cards

Nothing better to keep organized then some cute recipe cards!

It's a great gift for a bridal shower, holiday, or anyday! These are now currently for sale in the Two Brunettes Shop for $6.00 for a mixed set of 10.

Remember to keep checking back this week for all the new items going into our shop!


project wedding: cookies!

I am an Italian girl! And for those of you who don't know what that means at a wedding it means a large spread of cookies and i mean LARGE.  My mom is the best and is a great baker so she is making a TON of pretty cookies. I saw this photo on Mer Mag love's list and then I fell in love as well. How beautiful are these! I'm just learning the ropes of baking, cooking comes a little more natural to me but baking is like science! Sugar cookies I think are simple enough I hope I have a steady hand with frosting. 



My soon to be mother in law is a huge recipe collector. So naturally when she was turned onto blogs she discovered all of the amazing food blogs out there.  So I get phone calls now and then saying oh my god you won't believe this. So this morning was one of those days, and after my workout I'm NOW sitting down and drooling over Vanilla Sugar.  Everything is telling me to make this Peanut butter cake, holy c.


oscar meal

My fiance Adam is a movie buff, and so every year we do a themed Oscar dinner, and fill out ballots! Not to brag but I won by like 20 points.  It's really fun to come up with a these.  So each dish is modeled after the nominees for best picture. Milk for Milk, of course :o).  The chicken is marinated in an Asian sauce and rolled in frosted flakes for Frost/Nixon weird sounding but delish! The next is mini hot dogs and hamburgers for Benny Button, and the last is Potato Pancakes for The Reader. The only one not pictured was flat bread from India for Slumbdog Millionaire Pretty common dishes but if anyone wants any recipes let me know.