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Happy New Year!

Do you make resolutions? I do for fun! I don't know if I ever stick to them!

+ organize the home office and actual write things down in my planner 

+ make some time for reading and not just watching countless movies!

+ stop losing matches to socks 

Happy New Year!!! Thank you all for making this year amazing! See you all in the New Year! 

photo via English Muse



Wrapping on a Budget

Do you have all your shopping done ? You know what's next right? Wrapping! If you are like me (which I know most of you are :o)), you love gorgeous packaging. Sometimes at this time of the year it is hard to put in all the effort you want to your wrapping for a couple of reasons. One its expensive, and two its time consuming and during the holidays you need every spare minute you can find. 

++ Here are a couple tutorials for wrapping all your gifts while keeping costs to a minimum and using up items around your home! ++ 

To start You will need everything pictured above!


First up a simple garland using scrap papers from around your home.

Now if you don't have any scraps worth using around your house you will have to go buy something, but you can use anything!


Scraps/Small paper = $.50 

Kraft Paper Wrap = $6 dollars from Walmart ( found in painting section ) and literally this paper will last you for years! The roll is huge. 

Hemp string = $2.75 for a large roll Michaels

GIFT TAGS: Free download from US


Next is my favorite, a Fabric non sew bow! Bows, ribbons, gift tags can add up quick when you have tons to wrap so here is a cheap quick way to create a really cute bow! 

So I KNOW most of you out there have fabric that you just sit and look at because it is pretty. I have a bunch and I really don't sew, I just stare at the pretty patterns. This is a fun way to ad some color and texture really quickly. 


Again assuming you have scrap fabric or you can purchase fabrics for literally under a $1.00

Kraft Paper from Walmart: $6


QUICK WRAPPING TIPS to save you some dollars for now and the future!:

++ Decorate your kraft paper wrap with Sharpies! IF you aren't a good drawer now worries, check out the simple dots I made above in the Garland tutorial! It gives such a cute one of a kind look. 

++ Save your old bows and ribbons from other packages. I just got married in the summer so I have so much ribbon from William-Sonoma that I couldn't part with (the dark green) Isn't it gorgeous and FREE! 

Happy Holidays! 


S'more cupcakes!! 




I mean if you're not a S'more fan these might not appeal to you, but luckily for me I one of those peoples who makes them all year round, in the microwave. I love S'mores, pretty much can't live with out them and I just can't comprehend how these cupcakes even exists? Are they real?!? When I first saw these I thought I'd might be dreaming. They are from a great new to me recipe blog Get Off Your Butt and Bake. I will be making these this holiday season, because I HAVE to know what they are like and soon! 


Beautiful Reds

These are unbelievably gorgeous. I dragged them into my inspiration folder this morning but I can't stop starring at them. Leslie from A creative Mint always kills me with the Color Me Pretty column over on decor 8, but this particular post really has me. I love red and white for the holidays, everything is so perfect! 


Sufjan Stevens Christmas Boxset

I adore Sufjan Stevens, and we have had his christmas box set for a couple years now. We whipped it out for the christmas season and all of our road trips and I realized this would make such a wonderful gift for someone. Not only is the music amazing but look how adorable it is! The illustrations, layout, package designs and typography is all by him, and it comes with stickers!! 


Ruby Press

I heart these cards from Ruby Press.

via Beautiful Paper


vintage wrap

I use to sit at my grandma's when I was little and flip through books filled vintage wrapping paper. Loving these cute patterns. I wish I had my hands on those books right now!!

blempgorf flickr green elf boy, mirtleturtle


granted clothing: christmas wishlist

I saw this post over on Bliss yesterday and I must have gone to Granted Wool about 10 times in the last 24 hours!! I can't even pick a favorite. Im dying over these!! Each and every knit is so beautiful.  Christmas wish list please.


Pottery Barn Nativity Scene

I really need this from pottery barn! Im trying to wait until this adorable set goes on sale but I don't know if I can hold out much longer. I saw it in the store a couple weeks ago and it is just too cute for words! 


Give the Perfect Hostess Gifts! 

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