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DIY Bow T-shirt 

If you don't know Melissa from the blog I Still Love You, you'd had better hurry and go check her out, this girl knows how to do everything!

She has an new amazing DIY to make this bow shirt! I will definitely be making this for myself, and they would make such cute gifts for friends. Wouldn't these bows be adorable on other things too?


Holy Jessica Hische!

If anyone knows illustrator and how it works, this is pretty unbelievable work, not to mention time consuming. Jessica Hische in my opinion is one of the greatest typographers and illustrators of this generation! She makes this stuff look easy, and flawless. Beautifully done! 


Too Pretty to Eat?


These are totally incredible cookies from Whipped Bakeshop! I don't even know how one makes cookies this beautiful but I'm sure it is NOT easy. Considering I can barley frost a cake...I'm not sure if I would really be able to even eat these. I rather frame them. Wouldn't they be gorgeous all spread out at a summer wedding!