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Valentine's Party and Free Printables!

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! My dear friends Cyd of The Sweetest Occasion and Alice G. Patterson created this little Valentine's wonderland, which featured my little girl and some free printables I created for the kiddies at the party, and now to share with all of you. Head on over to The Sweetest Occasion to see the non glowing mother post, where I just don't feature my daughter. Ha! All the kids were adorable! 


Freebies in Action

I was so pumped to see some of my free printables available on Ruffled used in a real wedding setting! I love the details of this wedding. Everything is just over the top cute. 

Photos were taken by the very talented Rebecca Hansen.



Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Whichgoose Website

A website, branding package, and big cartel shop created for the amazingly talented Emily of Whichgoose.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: A First Anniversary Soiree


Carolyn of A Beautiful Ripple Effect is celebrating her one year anniversary with her husband in October at her home in Florida. I have worked with Carolyn in the past, so I know her taste and style, she wanted something created, with lots of soft colors, patterns, liners, the works. Her party theme is also equally as AWESOME, an evening of champagne and burgers! I kept picturing a beautiful florida sunset as the backdrop to this party, so I wanted Carolyn's guests to feel that when they opened their invitations.


Customized Halloween Invites


Time for candy and costumes order your customized Halloween invites! For adults, kids, and adult kids these are perfect for your Halloween parties! Just simply email with in for pricing, and Two Brunettes will create you in your halloween costume, for a one of kind party invite.

PS. we are having a front yard Halloween Party at our house and Clara is Princess Leia for her first Halloween, and our dog is an ewok! 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Love and Lavender Blog

A new blog I designed for the lovely Aileen and Ellen of Love and Lavender.


The inspiration that they provided was all so beautiful, very collage like, but at the same time light and airy. It was a fun project to work on!


If you are interested in blog designs, we are now booking early November as a start date for your blog! Inquire with in to claim your spot. 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Sugar Chic Identity and Website

Amy of Sugar Chic designs is an amazing client! She came to me a couple weeks ago with what seemed like an impossibility of a project. An identity, a full website, and a shop start to finish with developing in 7 days! Well I love a challenge. I feel like the only reason this project went so smoothly was because Amy was so open minded and loved everything I presented her. Which is always AWESOME. No matter what line of business you're in when your client LOVES something you do its glorious. 

Again, I'm amazed at how talented client after client I have. Loved this project, and the results. I still have some really cool special other projects with Amy going on, so stay tuned! 


** If you are interested in our custom services, visit our site  for samples and see if we are a good fit for you! **


Handcrafted Heaven

Gorgeous illustration work by Sasha Prood of Sasha Hearts Paper. You can even purchase many of these beauties in her shop! Sasha is a freelance artist who has quiet the list of clients, such as j.crew and Juicy Couture. Her work is so lovely it hurts. 

via Oh Joy


Custom Portrait Double Birthday Party Stickers

I was just sent these photos and squealed. These are thank you favor stickers I created with the Birthday girls custom drawn portraits on them.  It was a 1st and 3rd dual summer birthday bash, with kids and adults, so both the parents and kiddies got to enjoy favors. I love how they turned out!


Inspired by: Lotta Nieminen

Words can not express the love my eyes have for Lotta Nieminen's illustration work.