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Twig & Thistle Oscar Party

My husband and I throw and Oscar Party every year, we make movie inspired dishes, fill out ballots, make fun drinks, and its a blast, mostly because I win the ballot every year. This year we are getting a little more involved with the decor and menu, we have more guests attending and its going to be so much fun! I love this Oscar inspired party that Twig & Thistle has come up with. 

I love the layout of this ballot, very private so no one can see your selections, because well its a huge secret. Not to mention the cute red pencil to match!

Of course you need popcorn bags and these are just too cute for words! Stay tuned for an update from our party! 

{all photos from Twig & Thistle }


Blog It Forward


Hi everyone! I am so excited to share with you the Blog-it-Forward post with you all today. The beautiful Victoria at sf girl by bay started this amazing blogger mashup. This has been such a fun and genius idea to get our blog community together. The question we were given is "what inspires you personally?" 

When I started to think about this a couple of weeks ago, I thought to myself I am never going to be able to do this because I feel like I am inspired by everything, I really am, and how do you show everything! When I started to dig a little deeper I realized the forces that inspire me each and every day, and here they are...

My family and friends are an obvious choice for me, I am so blessed that I am constantly surrounded by such beautiful inspiring people. 

The Cinema! I have always loved movies, but ya know it was the causal artsy flick in high school thinking I was oh so rebellious. In college where I met my husband truly changed the way I look at films. Movies are and extension of him and have become the same to me. They are little pieces of art. I find endless amounts of inspiration in a film, from the costume designs, to the actors, to set designs, to the history, to learning about different cultures, just amazing. 

{Images from IMDB }

I think art speaks for itself! I am constantly driven by others and what one person can create. 

{credits- Lauren Withrow, Botanical Print, Friends of Type, Alberto Giacometti, Miki Sato

Blogging and the Blogging community has truly changed my life. I am so grateful that I can be surrounded by such beautiful, talented, smart people everyday. It is not even really something I can put into words. The readers, the bloggers, the friends you make, who wouldn't be inspired? 

{photo credit Rayani

After your read this make sure to check out Torta Gialla who came before me and Verhext who will be up tomorrow! Thank you all for letting me share this, and thank you to Victoria for hosting this! 


Little Bits from the Week

Guys! Have a great weekend, Don't forget to update your subscriber links to the new blog address. There are many more of you out there :o)

This week up on Ruffled!  

Thank you so much for everyone blogging about the free download valentine! Especially this week, Creature Comforts and Paper Crave.

Make sure you check out all the awesome Valentine DIY's over at Mint this week.

I so want this headband from , and need a really good excuse to wear it. Someone give me one! 

The Shoes at J.Crew are totally killing me right now. Especially these, can they go on sale J.Crew? Thanks. 

If you didn't see the collaboration project between Myself, Cyd-The Sweetest Occasion, and Ami-Elizabeth Anne Designs it's a must see! 

I want this

OMG! these are cute


pumpkin carving!

{photos martha, sunset, country living }

I love Halloween, even though I don't go all out anymore, its my favorite holiday. To celebrate the entire month of October we watch horror movies ! I also love carving pumpkins, who doesn't!? There are some really amazing ones I've seen this year!  I so wish I had the patience and skill to try the top right image! Wow.  


designer dailies

How exciting is this!!! Check us out on the designer dailies series over at Design Milk! Thank you so much Jamie!! 


im not ignoring you

There are so many new things going on with Two Brunettes Im having a hard time keeping up! Today I was supposed to shoot a bunch of new products and its the gloomiest day I've ever seen. So Im taking the time to catch up, and will get back to some really good posts later this week! We have some interviews lined up with some of my favorite shop owners and businesses and hopefully new products freshly shot for the pickin! 

Happy Monday, if there is such a thing. Oh and I am feeling so inspired by cute vintage illustrations lately.

illustrations via grickly


the festival

Can I just say I so love Toronto. The city, the people, the art. Its an amazing place to spend a couple days and I would move there in a second if I was just starting out. I was a little disappointed with the films we saw this year but that is only part of the experience. I got to see some amazing people, visit some awesome shops (thanks to Jane) and just over all being in Toronto is the best. 

PS. GEORGE CLOONEY  and Diablo Cody can it get any better then that?!?!!


how to festival

So we are off to the Toronto International Film Festival for a long weekend! As I was packing I realized how important the items are that I bring! Its quiet the stylish event between the red carpets and seeing all the fashion through out streets of Toronto! So with that said you want to look cute but be comfy and practical for your day. These are some of the items that should be present with you at this film festival! 

Must have items:

tee, sweater, (layers are key) jeans, days of the week necklace (so cute and so handy you get a little loopy with all the films), watch,(timing is everything with all the movies) sneaker flats, jacket , ( with hood incase of rain, umbrellas are a pain) scarf, notebook,(need to write down addresses of great places to eat and shop to squeeze in between films) snacks,(its hard to find healthy food alternatives to snack on in the theatre and time to grab a bite) camera, (so many celebrities and amazing photo opportunities) glasses, change purse,(for all your loons!) energy drinks, bag.

So if you are ever going to TIFF you will be prepared :o). Everyone enjoy their weekends I will be back on Monday! 

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