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Freebies in Action

I was so pumped to see some of my free printables available on Ruffled used in a real wedding setting! I love the details of this wedding. Everything is just over the top cute. 

Photos were taken by the very talented Rebecca Hansen.



Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Whichgoose Website

A website, branding package, and big cartel shop created for the amazingly talented Emily of Whichgoose.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: A First Anniversary Soiree


Carolyn of A Beautiful Ripple Effect is celebrating her one year anniversary with her husband in October at her home in Florida. I have worked with Carolyn in the past, so I know her taste and style, she wanted something created, with lots of soft colors, patterns, liners, the works. Her party theme is also equally as AWESOME, an evening of champagne and burgers! I kept picturing a beautiful florida sunset as the backdrop to this party, so I wanted Carolyn's guests to feel that when they opened their invitations.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Love and Lavender Blog

A new blog I designed for the lovely Aileen and Ellen of Love and Lavender.


The inspiration that they provided was all so beautiful, very collage like, but at the same time light and airy. It was a fun project to work on!


If you are interested in blog designs, we are now booking early November as a start date for your blog! Inquire with in to claim your spot. 


Custom Portrait Double Birthday Party Stickers

I was just sent these photos and squealed. These are thank you favor stickers I created with the Birthday girls custom drawn portraits on them.  It was a 1st and 3rd dual summer birthday bash, with kids and adults, so both the parents and kiddies got to enjoy favors. I love how they turned out!


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Almalu's Place!

Almalu's Place has to be hands down one of my most fun blogs yet. Alessandra and event designer and blogger let me go crazy with my little illustrations! I feel like this is the best representation my design style, and it was amazing to work with her to come up with this look.  


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Branco Prata

Well these two need no introduction, I think Branco Prata has made quiet the impact over the web in the last year or so. A HUGE congratulations to Sofia and André of Branco Prata for their launch of the new website and blog. This was truly a labor of love, since the process started some time ago! I think everything that could of happened to us did, but with that a beautiful launch in the end! 

Really, how lucky am I to get to create something for such a talented duo? Branco Prata's logo was inspired by their beautiful events that just seem to effortlessly float into the air. No really, I can not comprehend how they create all that they do! I know for one Sofia for sure does not sleep! 

Can you believe this amazing spread they put together inspired by all of the new elements I created. I can't believe how genius this cake is! Sofia and André I will miss working with you, two of the most incredible people to work with in the world. Thank your for a wonderful experience, you're an inspiration! Now go check out the new site!

Images by Brancoprata


Free Mothers Day Download


I couldn't make a new card for this year for mothers day because I am too in love with last years download still! I am not ashamed for this to make the rounds again! So download it here.

Photo by Hanna of Honey & Jam


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Life in the Super Burbs Blog Design

Meet the one of the newest blogs to go live Life in the Super Burbs! If you don't know Abby the girl behind it all, you should! She is a doll and might be one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. 

The blog design was inspired by old vintage 1960's Newspapers, Stepford Wives (in a good way), and Abby's beautiful wedding
I also created a logo for the Super Burbs, thanks Abby for being so wonderful to work with! 


As always If you are interested in custom blog designs, websites, logos, or any design work inquire within for prices!




Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Clara's Christening Invites

Clara has a Baptism coming up! Perfect excuse to break out some paper goodies. I actually shopped around for some Baptism invites, because it isn't going to be a huge affair, just something small, and I didn't need that many invitations, and now being a mommy and running Two Brunettes, spare time is priceless. However, I could not find a single cute invitation which allowed a photo and was cute (not super religious looking) for a baby girl. In the end, I just ended up creating something, with pleasure of course! Clara posed for the camera, she was looking right up at her mobile. I thought it suited a Baptism invite perfectly, like she is glancing up at heaven! Now I only have 40 some odd weeks to plan her 1st birthday invites.