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Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Lemon & Lavender Website

When Ashley of Lemon and Lavender emailed me about creating a pattern for her website and print materials I was all over it. I love her adorable style, and beautiful work, did I mention the girl is living in AFRICA! She is a very talented designer herself, so I knew I had to get it just right to make her happy!


 I created three different patterns and with some tough decision making she settled on number three. This also happened to be my favorite. A couple weekes later Ashley emailed me again to design a website for her. I was extrmely eager to take my pattern and bring it to life on her site to showcase off her amazing stationery creations. I loved being able to help Lemon and Lavender build a brand that could grow with not only her line but her as well! 

 I drew so much inspiration from Ashleys Instagram and her style in general, that this one of most fun projects I have worked on. Thank you Ashley, you are going to do great things! 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Whichgoose Website

A website, branding package, and big cartel shop created for the amazingly talented Emily of Whichgoose.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Love and Lavender Blog

A new blog I designed for the lovely Aileen and Ellen of Love and Lavender.


The inspiration that they provided was all so beautiful, very collage like, but at the same time light and airy. It was a fun project to work on!


If you are interested in blog designs, we are now booking early November as a start date for your blog! Inquire with in to claim your spot. 


Custom Pet Portrait: Charlie Christopher 

Meet Mr. Charlie Christopher, this handsome little devil belongs to the one and only Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs. Charlie is a regular socialite in chicago, from mingling in the dog park to waggin' wednesday's ( a doggie catered event) to hanging out with his very loving BFFs, mom and dad. Charlie also has a red harness for playing (pictured above) and a regular collar for fashion. Oh Charles, you're so dapper. 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Sugar Chic Identity and Website

Amy of Sugar Chic designs is an amazing client! She came to me a couple weeks ago with what seemed like an impossibility of a project. An identity, a full website, and a shop start to finish with developing in 7 days! Well I love a challenge. I feel like the only reason this project went so smoothly was because Amy was so open minded and loved everything I presented her. Which is always AWESOME. No matter what line of business you're in when your client LOVES something you do its glorious. 

Again, I'm amazed at how talented client after client I have. Loved this project, and the results. I still have some really cool special other projects with Amy going on, so stay tuned! 


** If you are interested in our custom services, visit our site  for samples and see if we are a good fit for you! **


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Life in the Super Burbs Blog Design

Meet the one of the newest blogs to go live Life in the Super Burbs! If you don't know Abby the girl behind it all, you should! She is a doll and might be one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. 

The blog design was inspired by old vintage 1960's Newspapers, Stepford Wives (in a good way), and Abby's beautiful wedding
I also created a logo for the Super Burbs, thanks Abby for being so wonderful to work with! 


As always If you are interested in custom blog designs, websites, logos, or any design work inquire within for prices!




Everything Must Go!

It's True!! Two Brunettes SHOP ONLY is closing for ready-made items, and on a happy note. Two Brunettes Studio is staying open! This venture with my business has been a roller coaster of trial and error, and right now the best move for the business is to go custom only for a while. It is definitely bittersweet.  Between all the custom orders, the shop, and my new baby girl, I can't keep up with maintaining the shop it's becoming very neglected. I've come to terms with it and will hopefully be able to open back up somewhere down the road. A huge chunk of the business is custom illustrations, blogs, and invitations, and that is where I am most happy right now pouring my focus into! I have some new licensing gigs coming up also, so all and all I am happy with this decision. Thank you to everyone who has supported the shop the last couple of years. Two Brunettes overall is relaunching with a new website in May so stay tuned. The shop will not close until everything is gone a 50% off discount is already marked, so get shoppin!


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Clara's Christening Invites

Clara has a Baptism coming up! Perfect excuse to break out some paper goodies. I actually shopped around for some Baptism invites, because it isn't going to be a huge affair, just something small, and I didn't need that many invitations, and now being a mommy and running Two Brunettes, spare time is priceless. However, I could not find a single cute invitation which allowed a photo and was cute (not super religious looking) for a baby girl. In the end, I just ended up creating something, with pleasure of course! Clara posed for the camera, she was looking right up at her mobile. I thought it suited a Baptism invite perfectly, like she is glancing up at heaven! Now I only have 40 some odd weeks to plan her 1st birthday invites.


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Glamour and Grace Blog

Megan of Glamour and Grace was so much fun to work with. Really one of the nicest clients I have ever had! The end result was the perfect amount of girlie, flirty fun. Go check it out!

If you are interested in custom blog designs email with in for prices! 


Window Shopping at Two Brunettes: Effortless Style Blog

A interior design blog I custom designed for Camila of Effortless-Style. Camila knew what she wanted when it came to all the bells and whistles! Blog directory, several pages with DIY projects, Classified section, a page to showcase her unique column called "In her Shoes" it was quiet a large project. I really enjoyed designing the header and using signature colors and style as over all inspiration for this look. If you don't know Camila I promise you the DIYer will die over her amazing projects and unique sense of style.