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Bet Ya Just Can't Pick One

I know I can't even come close to picking one new Orla Kiely Bag. Aren't these all so gorgeous? I'm loving the bold bright, complimented by the neutral dark navy's, charcoals, and creams. GORGEOUS, can I just have them all?


Too Pretty to Eat?


These are totally incredible cookies from Whipped Bakeshop! I don't even know how one makes cookies this beautiful but I'm sure it is NOT easy. Considering I can barley frost a cake...I'm not sure if I would really be able to even eat these. I rather frame them. Wouldn't they be gorgeous all spread out at a summer wedding! 


Inspired by: Classiky's

Good morning all! I am super duper busy this week, totally not a complaining moment but a grateful one, very grateful! 

Fact about me: I swear I was supposed to be born Japanese, I say this all the time to my husband. It is his fault we watch so many Asian films, and have learned so much about their culture, which I love. The super cute trendy boys and girls, the school uniforms (this was even my Halloween custom), their attention to detail, the shopping, the food, the drinking, the mini collections of oh so tiny items that adorable girls in Asian movies seem to always have, I only hope to someday visit there. But for now I have the films and websites like this!! Everything here at Classiky's is the stuff dreams my dreams are made of! Go, go now

{found via Hey Susy }


Lil Hearts For Your Heart

How cute are these little hearts from Cox & Cox? The perfect little Valentines gift for a coffee or tea drinker, and who wouldn't want these pins? MINI hearts! 


Etsy Goods: Cutest Camera Case

The cutest little camera case ever from Hine Etsy Shop. 


Nesting Dolls from Handle and Spout

These Nesting Dolls are the cutest things ever! I don't know how I have missed them before. 


Something I Don't Need

The perfect little Valentine gift! HINT! ( My husband reads this. ) Etsy has a knack for making me want things that I totally do not need. However, I would be oh so MUCH cuter when I drink my coffeshop bought coffees! Knit Storm on etsy, has all sorts of adorable cozy's, go look


Cupcake Social

These cupcake liners from the etsy shop Cupcake Social totally speak for themselves! How cute would they be for a tea party, shower, weddings, kids birthday, the list really doesn't end. They make me want to throw a party just for them. Heck they make me want to open a cupcake shop! 


etsy finds: DNTX


I love going through my etsy favs every once in a while because there are so many treasures in there that I have forgotten about passing by. Death and Texas is one of those! How cute are these bags, pretty much perfect for spring. I love the name and the abbreviation DNTX it seems so bad ass.  The bags themselves in my opinion definitely have the cutesy tough girl edge while still remaining super feminine. Oh and a bunch of this stuff doubles as bike accessories, yeah! Can these be anymore fantastic? 


S'more cupcakes!! 




I mean if you're not a S'more fan these might not appeal to you, but luckily for me I one of those peoples who makes them all year round, in the microwave. I love S'mores, pretty much can't live with out them and I just can't comprehend how these cupcakes even exists? Are they real?!? When I first saw these I thought I'd might be dreaming. They are from a great new to me recipe blog Get Off Your Butt and Bake. I will be making these this holiday season, because I HAVE to know what they are like and soon!